1937 Ford Slantback by Roktek

The latest project in the RokTek toy box is a 1937 Ford Slantback. The car is an original, steel bodied automobile. It is in excellent condition and is currently about 60% finished needing interior and paint. All the really hard work is done, i.e, suspension, engine, etc. The car has a modern front end with a Mustang independent suspension, disk brakes, and rack and pinion steering. The rear suspension consists of leaf springs, air shocks and a Ford 9" rear end.

The exhaust system is custom made of stainless steel.

The rear of the car sports 1939 Ford tail lights. The trunk is electrically operated from the interior. A 2" receiver hitch will be mounted under the license plate for my bike rack. Turn signal and backup lights will be mounted in the rear pan. A hidden bumper will be installed for collision protection.

Door handles have been removed for a contemporary look. They are operated by a remote keyless opener. Wheels are aluminum billet, 14" front and 15" on the rear. Mirrors are electrically controlled from inside the car. The profile shot illustrates why the car is called a "Slantback". The new Chrysler PT Cruiser, to be on the market soon, essentially copied the timeless styling of this car.

The engine is a new "crate" engine based a Chevrolet 350 small block. It is bored .030" over and has a 400 c.i. crank for a total of 383 cubic inches. It is know in streetrodding as a "383 stroker" motor. It is a very powerful, but smooth running engine coupled to a Turbo 350 automatic transmission. Note all the polished aluminum billet on the motor. The air conditioning compressor is visible in the foreground.

The interior has leather seats, front and rear. The fronts are 6 way powered. A tilt steering wheel is already installed. All glass in the car is new, smoke tinted. The dashboard has digital gauges.

The resemblance of this car and the Plymouth Prowler is no coincidence. The 1937 pancake hood also provided inspiration for the Prowler. The teardrop headlights and the beautifully sculpted fenders lend to the classic look of this automobile. Notice the small high intensity turn signal lights in the lower edge of the fenders.

As work progresses on this project, pictures will be posted.

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